'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Wednesday, May 24, 2006 ]

Mercury Rising closed last week. I saw about half of the show's run. It's always fun to see what gets a laugh, what doesn't. Who gets what, who doesn't.

One friend of mine told me that he totally didn't get mine at all. Like, he didn't get what my point was.

Wow. It's, like, the simplest show I've ever written.

Oh, well.

After, I helped out during strike--something I always do, mainly because if people are going to spend time and money to put something of mine up, I feel like I should.

(Did I help strike Lil' Pervs? I don't think I did. I did stick around for pictures, though.)

In other news...

Well, the crap that you find doing research, huh?

I was looking up stuff on Winchester Silvertip Hollow Point ammo when I found these guys:


The concept:

Say your relationship goes wrong.

These guys will melt your wedding band into a 9mm bullet.


Not making it up.

Oh, yeah, and it's NSFW. For some reason, every gun-related search leads you to a naked teenage girl.

No idea why.

Okay, gotta go. Must weep bitter tears for America, now.

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