'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Saturday, December 03, 2005 ]

Welp, tomorrow night I'm going back to Jersey.

To Jersey.

To Jersey.

I'm going back to Jersey.

I don't think so.

Oh, wait, yeah I am.

Anyway, here's an audio post about just that. In it, I discuss cutting edge matters, like what you can and can't check through on an airplane--good news for handgun owners and ninja, but bad news for smokers and hand grenade collectors.

Which of those categories do I fit in? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

this is an audio post - click to play

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Whatever it is you're doing, just be happy.

Shame I've not heard back from emails, but wish you all the best.


By Anonymous Russ, at Sunday, December 04, 2005 12:49:00 AM  

Hey Rob, have fun in Jersey! One caveat on checking firearms...from personal experience, it's more of a pain in the ass than it's worth.

By Blogger Chuck, at Monday, December 05, 2005 3:02:00 PM  

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