'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Friday, October 01, 2004 ]

I haven't seen the entirety of the debate (I was out hanging with littleevening, fountainal, and groucho_z), and haven't read the full transcript yet, but I did see some video on it, and I'm getting a copy of the tape from a friend.

One thought I had today was that as good as Kerry was, I have the sickening feeling that most Bush supporters saw that and said "why's Kerry being so MEAN?!?" To quote Roger Ebert, most of Bush's supporters don't seem to find anything wrong with the way he conducts himself--moreover, they're basically cool with it.

All that said, it was starling to see Kerry say what a lot of us have been saying for years, and right in front of Bush--who many times, seemed like this was the first he was hearing of anyone disagreeing with his viewpoint.

Anyway, many smarter and less tired than I will be commenting on the debate in the future, I'm sure. But I will say that from what I've read and seen, that Kerry held strong, stayed focused, and in a classy move, did not take the bait when being accused of flip-flopping. The closest he came was with this rather sly quote (emphasis mine):

"First of all, he made the misjudgment of saying to America that he was going to build a true alliance, that he would exhaust the remedies of the United Nations and go through the inspections.

In fact, he first didn't even want to do that. And it wasn't until former Secretary of State Jim Baker and General Scowcroft and others pushed publicly and said you've got to go to the U.N., that the president finally changed his mind -- his campaign has a word for that -- and went to the United Nations."

Bush countered with this fucking classic TV moment:

"It's the hardest decision a president makes. So I went to the United Nations. I didn't need anybody to tell me to go to the United Nations. I decided to go there myself."

It was at this point that I quoted Chris Rock and screamed: "ASSHOLE, YOU'RE S'POSED TO!!!!"

In other news, I I noticed today that Ebert has changed the entire look of his page, and if you go to "browse ebert's little movie glossary, " the first entry that comes up is one of mine.

I'm becoming a regular underground success on this here internet.

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