'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Friday, March 12, 2004 ]

Hey, kids.

Don't forget, this is an election year.

So be sure to do your part with these groovy printable Bush/Cheney election stickers.

An enterprising mind might find an evil application for these.

Just saying.

Okay, here's the first:

Personally, I think enough of these passed around would cost him the election. But if you want to go another route...

Yeah, it's a little more smarmy. Not quite as underhanded as the last one.

The next one is a little more obscure...

A little obscure? Mean-spirited? Kick it around. It's catchy.

Okay, let's try for optimistic...

See? Nicer! I mean, what are the odds that we could have another war? Because first off, we'd have to finish the one we're in now, and second...

Yeah, I got nothing. Moving on...

Because burning bridges is the American way.

You know, it's not ethical to have a favorite child, but I really feel there's no topping our next one...

That's all, folks! Remember, I'm not saying you SHOULD print out a bunch of these and hand them out at Bush election rallies...just that if someone did it, it'd be pretty neat.

Is my passport ready, yet?

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