'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Thursday, August 21, 2003 ]

Welp, it's coming up on week five of "Psychos In Love," and look--STILL no review of the show.

Well, I guess all the papers must be busy or something.

Of course, here I am looking in the Isthmus, and seeing two APT reviews.

Right next to each other.

By two different reviewers.

Last week, I called up The Capital Times and spoke to the arts editor, asking if they sent a reviewer yet.

He got really defensive, and said they just didn't have the people--and plus, the Madison Blues Festival was coming up, so they were all prepping for that.

Which, of course, doesn't answer why no one showed up for the last four weeks that we've been running, but never mind.

He also said that "it's not just Broom Street," and there are plenty of theater companies that they don't review either, and that "often, it a matter of finding enough people."

Oh, like it's a fucking shuttle launch. The Isthmus could afford to send two people to the same fucking theater--which, I'll add, is not even in goddamn town and doesn't need the fucking publicity.

And as for the Wisconsin State Journal? I'm gonna go and see what stories are in "Daybreak" today.

Be right back.


Not a single fucking story on the front page about anything even happening in this state, let alone Madison. On the indside, it's the same deal. Generic puff-pieces culled from the AP and other papers. Not a single article about anything happening in this state.

I mean, does the Journal even have anyone working over there any more?

I'm sorry, but this truly pisses me off. In the five years that I've been a director for Broom Street, I have NEVER seen a show of mine not get reviewed by ANY of the local papers.

So, if you're as pissed off as me (and that truly is saying something), feel free to complain to any or all of the local papers.

To complain to The Capital Times, click here and here.

To complain to The Wisconsin State Journal, click here.

To complain to The Isthmus click here.

Go and do, my children. And if The Isthmus grouses at you, remind them that BST was, in fact, number one in their "Annual Manual," so yes, in fact, there IS a demand.

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