'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Thursday, June 05, 2003 ]

Okay, plug time.

Tomorrow night is the opening night of my buddy Scott Feiner's new play The Alabaster County Little League Beauty Pageant, about competition and it's effect on society. Go and see it.




By the way, it's running June 6th through July 13th, so you have many chances.

I just looked at the MadStage entry on this, and it says:

A new play about love, honor, mom and apple pie that explores competition -- and its winners and losers. This original comedy promises to be "as wondrously magical as an ice cream social," says Broom Street's artistic director, Joel Gersmann.

Um...I know I'm not supposed to say stuff like this anymore, but just what the hell is Gersmann smoking?

I also saw this description of my next show on madison.com:

A stage adaptation of the movie highlighting sex and violence on the West Coast.

So very close...but the second half of the sentence is wrong. There's no real sex in the show (though there was plenty in the original film) and neither my play nor the original film is set in the West Coast. No idea where he got that from.

Speaking of Broom Street, there's an article coming up in The Isthmus about all of the other directors at the theater. Next week, maybe?

Meanwhile, Roger Ebert gets into the spirit of Critical Blowback with this article. Ebert, you beautiful bastard, I read your book.

(thanks to "Kurahulanda", who spotted my mistake in the link)

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