'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ]

Okay, dig this. My wife used to work for Madison Media Institute. She was forced to quit when the atmosphere was not safe enough to stay.

A lot of this has to do with many of the instructors being forced to unionize because of communication issues within the school.

Now, the students are getting involved:

We, the customers of Madison Media Institute, are compiling a list of our concerns about the quality of our continuing education. Please send your concerns & ideas to mmi@plastictears.com and they will be addressed. The sole purpose of this website is to make MMI the best school it can be, a school to be proud about. We are not looking to deface the school as we are open and willing to work with the school to find solutions to our concerns.

That's from Bryan Nieman's website: "My Madison Media Institute," a weblog dedicated to the students' reaction and concerns regarding the goings on at Madison Media Institute.

Oh, and then there's Chris Hutchings' (VP and director of MMI, as well as the guy who threw his keys at my wife's head) memo to the students.

A key paragraph:

The WFT and some instructors have made public their intent to discredit and damage the reputation of a school that has earned the respect of the public and the industries that have hired our graduates for years. All this is an attempt to gaining leverage at the bargaining table.

Therefore I am making the following offer to any student who truly believes that he/she is not getting full benefit from the educational programs of MMI at this time:

From now until the end of this week, anyone who feels that they are not getting value from their programs can come to the Director and make known their intention to cancel their Spring 2003 enrollment, and THEIR CURRENT FULL SEMESTER’S TUITION WILL BE REFUNDED.

This full refund offer is an extraordinary measure, but indicates the seriousness with which this matter is being treated by MMI.

The few students who have come forward have already been extended this offer.

"Our personal guarantee: no one hates us or your money back!"

Whoa. Captains Of Confidence.

Bryan Nieman's response:

Speaking personally, not one of my teachers has taken class time to discuss outside matters. Our concerns are separate from the teachers and we the students are using the WFT to help us in our fight for a higher education. It seems as if they are the only source we can get a straight answer from. Money is not an answer. We are looking for the education this school is capable of, not a refund.

Let's hope everyone takes your lead, Brian.

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