'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Wednesday, October 16, 2002 ]

Welp, here comes closing weekend for Orange Murder Suit.

It's beeen fun, and I had a really great cast. It's been weird to see people react.

My favorite reaction came from Broom Street veteran and fellow UW allumni Cathy Martin, who, upon second time seeing it, admitted to me that she ranted all night about how the show made her angry, and she hated it, and she hated me, and it was the single most unpleasant experience she'd ever had watching a show...

"But I think it's brilliant," she concluded.

I noticed that Gorman Bechard has a little blurb on his site about my next show ("Psychos In Love")...very cool. For those who don't know, it's an adaptation of a movie he co-wrote and directed, and he's lending me the rights to do it as a play. Amazingly nice of him. It'll be weird to adjust--people keep telling me I'm a "grown-up" playwright now. This show should end that nasty rumor.

Hey, speaking of nasty rumors, I went to broomstreet.org to find a copy of Nadine Goff's review for my show Meeting Jerry Springer, only to find that the review has been switched with Debra Neff Nathans' more negative review.


Now, that's curious.

Oh, well, I'm sure that someone accidently deleted the previous review, then accidently typed in the other review, then accidently hyperlinked the other one.

Yeah. That's probably how it happened.

I mean, any other answer would be as ridiculous as, oh, say, sabotaging another show's performance by rewiring the sound system or hiding the props. And no one at Broom Street would do that.


Oh, speaking of Debra Neff Nathans (who I'm apparently supposed to call "ma'am") she gave a very nice review for Short Stacks. That makes me happy. Even though Lisa Konipliski's script is quite clearly funnier than mine.

My nemisis and fellow playwright Doug Reed now has his own weblog, by the way. Please do check it out.

I've had the same stomach ache for three days now. Just thought you should know that.

The Isthmus, who hates my guts, I think, put Short Stacks in their Critics Choice thingee.

KJB says you should worship me, which is kind of cool.

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