'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Tuesday, July 23, 2002 ]

Joel Gersmann, for those of you who don't know, is the artistic director of Broom Street Theater.

Recently, he had double bypass surgery.

Got this email from Brian Wild yesterday:

As many of you know, Joel had to go back into surgery last Friday. He has a massive infection, and was kept under sedation for 48 hours, finally waking up yesterday (July 21st). He is still in ICU at this time.

This is still considered a very serious condition, and they have him pumped up with antibiotics, but it appears he'll be in ICU for the foreseeable future.

In speaking with Jerri Ager, she would like to put in place a 24-hour support system for Joel, so that someone is with him at all times. Usually only immediate family is allowed into the ICU, but Jerri and several others have made it clear to the medical staff that the people who are coming up to see him, even though they are not related by blood, are Joel's family.

As I said earlier, Joel is not out of the woods with this surgery as of yet, and anybody who can afford to give some support in this would be greatly appreciated. Please pass this to people who know Joel well, and would be willing to help out.


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