'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Friday, June 28, 2002 ]

Ten random movie thoughts:

1. Angel's Dance
Caught this on cable this week, and I may review it for UEreviews. Sheryl Lee (who deserves to be a movie star at least as much as Julia Fucking Roberts) plays a somewhat insane woman targeted by two hit men.

If everyone looked as good in body armor as Sheryl Lee does, more people would wear it, and thousands of lives would be saved.

2. Windtalkers.
I really love this movie, and no one's going to see it because no one really wants to see a World War II movie right now. That's a shame. Critics keep accusing John Woo of only caring about the battles, but I don't buy it. Woo cares about the friendships between the men.

People often think that The John Woo Moment is when the two guys point guns at each other, or when a guy fires two guns, or when someone fires a gun while jumping through glass.

That's not correct.

These are his trademarks, yes, that I'll give you.

But The John Woo Moment is that moment when a character looks into another character's eyes and decides that suddenly, their friendship is more important than anything. More important than duty, more important than honor, more important than country, more important than life.

When The John Woo Moment came, I started bawling like Nancy Kerrigan.

3. Mullholland Drive.
I'm reprinting this from a comment I made on Hot Soup Girl's page.

Interesting story I once heard about Lynch:

Before working on "Eraserhead," he got a dead cat from a medical science lab, and disected it, putting each of the organs in different jars.

The reasoning for this was that he wanted to see what emotions he would go through doing it.

So, in making "Eraserhead," a big part of what he was doing was trying to get those emotions out of the audience. Emotions that there are no words for.

It's an interesting technique--and I think that's why a lot of people resent Lynch's work; it doesn't go for "message" goals, but emotional goals. If you're looking for a message goal, you're going to get frustrated.

It's not that Lynch is pretentious--he just has different ideas about film language.

I think it's cool that people are finally starting to "get" him.

4. Minority Report.
Man, I tried not to like this film, but it wore me down with its coolness. It's a fun movie, and unlike some "Sci Fi Crime Dramas" doesn't just mean that it's the future and people are shooting at each other, it also actually works as a crime drama.

And I love the shocker guns that the Justice Department carried in the movie--the ones you recharge by doing the Chuck Connors/The Rifleman type spin. I want one!

A few quibbles.

I don't want to ruin it if you haven't seen it, so here's some "spoiler space." (Just highlight the text below to read it.)

1. Okay, so the only reason Tom Cruise is looking for Crow is because he saw the future image. But if he didn't find Crow, he wouldn't see the image! And if he didn't see the image, he wouldn't look for Crow! How the fuck did Max Von Sydow pull that one off?

2. If the other cops know that Crow is going to be the victim, why not also find Crow? They know his name, and they know that's where Cruise is going.

3. In all crime dramas like this, the killer is always the one who says to the wrongfully accused fugitive over the phone, "Well, where are you, now?" The killer also always says "Who else have you told?" Why doesn't anybody in these movies ever say "EVERYONE!"

4. Why doesn't Cruise's severed eyeball ever set off any alarms? And also...ewwwwwwww.

5. K-Pax.
My wife rented this. I'd already seen it in the theater.

Before walking in, I made this prediction that the movie would be exactly this:

He thinks he's an alien!

He's not an alien!

Maybe he is an alien!

I guess he was an alien after all...or was he?

And you know, I, uh, I wasn't wrong.

Notice I didn't put any spoiler space for that?

6. xXx.
As after we watched the trailer for this in front of Minority Report, my wife turned to me and said, "You're gonna go and see it right?"

My mind's telling me no, but my heart's telling me yes.

7. Josh Becker.
Go to Becker Films.

Check out his Evil Dead on-set journal.

Check out his movie reviews.

Then go to his Q&A section.


(I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this website.)

8. Being John Malkovich.
I like this movie a lot, and if you do too, check out the original script.

It's really, really, really different.

It's also damn hilarious.

9. Daredevil.
I saw the trailer for this movie, too.

Whatever you think of Ben Affleck as Daredevil, you've got to admit that Colin Farrell as Bullseye is pretty cool.

10. Frailty.
A great movie.

No one saw it.

Repent yourselves by making it a cult classic when it hits video.

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