'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Monday, April 22, 2002 ]

Wil Wheaton has a cool post today about turning thirty.

I tried to post the following response, but the bastard server wouldn't let me.

So, now, it's going here:

I remember waiting on line for Batman.

It opened on June 23rd, and I remember this for two reasons:

1) The release date was plastered on every surface you could see for months before the film came out. Rumor has it that the film spent more on advertising than they made--not true, but I'd believe it. You couldn't open up a container of yogurt without a hand on a spring popping out with a damn bat-signal in it.

2) It came out the day after I graduated high school.

It's weird to think that.

And I'm already thirty, by the way.

Lately, I just feel old, and out of shape, and, well...

It's like I figured I should have been more together than this, you know?

Say it with me, kids:

I'm still living hand-to-mouth.

I can still only afford to live where I live by spending so much time at work that I'm never home.

Somewhere, I have debt that I have only sort of allowed myself to know about.

I still read comics.

I still watch cartoons.

I still play video games.

I still curse like I just discovered profanity.

I'm still bitter about Michael Keaton playing Batman.

I'm still angry about an argument I once had in high school.

I still miss the way the Pilgrim Diner used to be before it got rebuilt (even though I live nowhere near Montclair, New Jersey any more).

So say it loud, and say it proud, my brothers and sisters:

The teenage idiot I was is still me.

In other news, Unrealistic Expectations just put up my first review!

Here's how Russ (aka Roughy) puts what I do for the site:

Rob Matsushita is joining us as a reviewer, and I think he's got a pretty hysterical niche, too. Check him out--I don't think I have found another place on the web that's willing to go through the pain that Rob's willing to go through for you. Praise Rob!

He's reviewing all those movies at the video store that only show up with one box--not like the entire wall of Ocean's 11 that's up there now.

The videos that you rent when you've seen everything else...or at least the ones you seriously consider even though you know that Jean Claude playing himself as twins--yet again--really shouldn't be rented.

So, dig around. Thanks for stopping by!

Check it out.

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