'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Monday, April 01, 2002 ]

Okay, as promised, here's Spudnuts' reaction:

Hey, nice going, Bobby the Mat.

I'm fucking ruined.

I was going to record some of my own posts to MP3, but you're bogarting all the Spudnuts.

You're not leaving any Spudnuts.



If I try to post my own reading of a Spudnuts post, it's gonna look BAD <-- (whiny voice).

Somebody's going to listen to MY reading and say "THAT'S not Spudnuts. Why is this dick trying to play Spudnuts? Mommy, bring back real Spudnuts. I don't like this man. This man scares me with his trying too hard to be Spudnuts when clearly he is NOT Spudnuts. Make the scary man go away. Make him GO AWAY!"

And that scary man is ME!

I'm the Scary Man, Bobby.

And YOU are making me the Scary Man.

So, now... the PEOPLE are developing a taste for The Guy Who Plays Spudnuts and they will reject ME... the actual Spudnuts.

You're fucking killing me here, Bobby.

You're good.

Too good.

And you're getting better.

You're like Kirk's friend, that dude who went to the planet and his eyes glowed and then he became...


And then he was moving rocks with his mind and choking people with cables with his mind.

And THEN the bitch thought he was ready for Kirk.

Are you ready for Kirk, Bobby?


(rips shirt)

But yeah...

That's you're best reading EVER.

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