'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Thursday, March 07, 2002 ]

Hey, kids.

Yesterday, "'Plaint Of The Playwright" got over 80 hits.

That is just so awesome.

In case you're wondering, Part Two of my Blitzkrieg recap will be coming in later this week...I'm not working on it today because I've already pushed the limits of what I can get away with at work.

By the way, speaking of Blitzkrieg, here's the writer and director list for the show this weekend:
March 8 Writing Session
1. Catherine Capellaro & Andrew Rohn
2. Jodi Lynn Cohen
3. Ron Collins
4. Betty Diamond
5. Dave Hannes
6. Phil Heckman
7. Craig Johnson
8. Marty Mulhern & Adam Seeger

March 9 Directors

1. Chris Babiarz
2. Meredith Berlin
3. Mickey Crocker
4. John Eichenlaub
5. John Gustafson
6. Linda Hartay
7. Louise Stout
8. John A. Smith

So go and bug out, homies.

And click here for the latest Spudnuts mp3.

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