'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ]

TWO more days 'till B3d,
TWO more days 'till B3d,

Silver Shamrock!

"It's still on Channel Four! It's STILL ON CHANNEL FOUR!!!!"

I got an aside-link from one of my blog-buddies. This makes me giddy to no end.

(In case you're wondering what an "aside-link" is, you just saw two of them.)

I've been having trouble FTPing to my webspace (which I'm keeping the Spudnuts mp3s on)--my webspace is with Charter Communications, who I have my cable modem service with--so basically, I'm paying for it.

I emailed tech support about it, and I got this back:

You are allowed 10 MB of webspace on our servers, it looks as if you are exceeding this.




This didn't sound right to me (and I spent most of last night looking for an indication as to how much space I had--and couldn't find it).

To put this in perspective, Geocities gives away fifteen meg for free.

So, I send another email to the same Charter Rep, asking if there's any way to get any more space, and I get this back:

No, unfortunately we only offer the 10Mb of webspace.

Thank you


You'd think they'd want to sell me some more web space, but no, it's "you'l take your ten meg and like it."

The fuck?

As I've said, Charter is like the University Of Wisconsin-Madison, in that every dealing with either of them guarantees a splitting headache.

Basically, the only reason anyone deals with Charter in the first place, is that we don't have a fraggin' choice.

Anyway, now I'm gonna shop around for webspace.

Click here for a brilliant essay on the film Say Anything.

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