'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Thursday, February 28, 2002 ]

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go
I'm gonna write for Blitzkrieg!!
Nothing to do,
Nowhere to go,
I'm gonna write for Blitzkrieg!
Just get me tons' a Red Bull,
Then make it burn and bleed,
Hurry hurry hurry I've gotta buy some speed!
Then get me Matt Cibula,
And then go get Doug Reed,
Oh no oh no oh NO...

I'm Gonna Write For Blitzkrieg!

In other theater news, here's some stuff you should know about the new play at Broom Street Theater:

Broom Street Theater announces its newest production, Judge, a play by Callen Harty that opens Friday, March 1 and runs through Sunday, April 7.

Performances will be every Friday-Sunday at 8:00 p.m., with $7 tickets available at the door.  The theater is located at 1119 Williamson Street in Madison.

Judge is inspired by a murder that took place in La Fayette County, Wisconsin in 1985, in which the sitting judge murdered a lawyer in the county seat of Darlington.  Being originally from the county the story always appealed to the writer, Harty.  His first note about the possibility of creating a play from the story was written, he said, in September of 1989.  Over a decade later the finished play will be presented to the public.  He is careful to note, however, that the case was only the inspiration.  "I had no intention of creating the actual story," he said. 

"While certain incidents from the actual case are recreated the play is in no way an attempt to portray the people from that case.  The few facts taken from the real story are merely the skeleton upon which to hang the flesh of a fictional drama.  The characters in the play are not intended to represent those people.  The story was merely a convenient way to explore the concept of judgement in our society, to look at who is given or has the right to judge whom, and why."

Judge will feature a large cast for the Broom Street stage. Included will be seven Broom Street veterans and six Broom Street newcomers.  The veterans include some very familiar names.  Among these are Scott Feiner, Mark Gapen, John Harmon, John Sable, Robert Moccero, Karl Reinhardt, and Brian Wild as Judge Folks.  Newcomers include Christine Callsen, Tim Condon, Josh Hobson, Dana Pellebon, J. Schwartz, and Josh Thomas.

This is Harty's twelfth original play for the Broom Street stage. His first was the drama, Dream Quest, in 1993.  Most recently he wrote and directed Count Fagula, a contemporary retelling of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Other works include Pictures at an Exhibition, The Last Thief, and The Color of Dust.

Technical assistance on the production includes lighting design by Luke Delwiche, sound design by Brian Wild, and set design, art, and construction by Matt Grzybowski and Ryan Larson.

For more information about Judge contact writer/director Callen Harty at (608) 222-9086, Broom Street Theater at (608) 244-8338, or go to Broom Street Theater's website at www.broomstreet.org.

So now you know.

Of course, both this and Blitzkrieg open this weekend...but together...they fight crime.

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