'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Friday, February 01, 2002 ]

I don't know how Wil Wheaton does it.

Posting every day, I mean.

I can only assume he doesn't have a boss looking over his shoulder every five or so minutes, but still.

At any rate, I'll give you a "Welcome To The Terror Dome" update.

Last weekend was the closing weekend for "Computers In Love," and Casey Grimm mentioned to me that he had talked with J. Patrick (their liason with Madison Theatre Guild) about getting a slot for the show with MTG's "After Hours" shows.

In truth, they mentioned a few other shows they'd like to do, but J. was interested in "Welcome To The Terror Dome" the most, because it has the smallest cast and set needs, and will be royalty-free.

Casey gave him the script.

I have my doubts. "Terror Dome" is a genuinely disturbing script--and this would be something that would be showing after a performance of "Harvey."

But, odd things happen.

If this does happen, however, I'll be directing it, and it'll go up in April.

That's right.


Meaning that if anything does happen, it'll happen soon.

That alone makes me think that this won't. I'm not crying or worrying--the great thing about this is that I'm just curious to see where this is going.

Look, I've got another show I'm writing and directing this year (which, by the way, is up to eighteen pages as of today), so it's not like I'm hurting for stuff to do.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I got offered by Mercury Players to direct Neil LaBute's "Bash" for their next season. So, I'm gonna be busy as it is.

This week, in other theater news, I talked to Joel Gersmann about what happened at the director's meeting. Scott Feiner was there, and he showed them an outline I had written, for finding people to do publicity for the theater.

I told Scott that Joel's going to discourage it because people are too hard to find.

So Joel calls me up and tells me that people are going to be too hard to find.

Well, we should look anyway, Joel, I tell him.

He tells me again.

I agree, but I tell him it still needs doing, and that we've been doing this "why bother" bullshit for far too long.

Joel's perspective is that the reason the audiences for Broom Street have not been great is because "nobody cares about it. It's too brainy for them."

I tell him that maybe we should spread the word out further.

"But those people aren't interested in Broom Street!"

WHO isn't?

"ANYONE! They all think it's too cerebral!"

This is the kind of conversational loop-de-loop you're in for with any phone conversation with Joel.

Also, for extra body and flavor, Joel keeps guilt-tripping me about not being at the meeting.

I ignore it, but it pisses me off.

Everything denegrates into another patented Rob Matsushita/Joel Gersmann shouting match. No one can make me as crazy as Joel does.

You want to know what it's like to talk to Joel? I'll demonstrate by using a ficitious conversation--because the subject doesn't matter:

My name is Rob Matsushita.

"Yes, but what what you need to understand is that your name is Rob Matsushita!"

I know that, Joel.

"But what you don't see is that your name is Rob Matsushita!"

I've known that for some time, Joel.

"But I've known it for TWENTY YEARS!"

Never-the-less, Joel, all I said was--

"You have to respect my position on this. I've dealt with this kind of thing before. And your name will always be Rob Matsushita. This isn't about you, this is about me. Your name is Rob Matsushita."

Yes, Joel.

"And the Esquire Theater is going under! And the star of your last show is a fucking cunt!"

And so on.

And so on.

And so on.

Until you finally give up and click here.

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