'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Friday, January 11, 2002 ]


I got nailed at work again for spending more time doing this page than working (which wasn't really the case, but I won't get into that) so I'm not really going to post anything but this entry today.

Computers In Love has opened. I really enjoyed it--people really seemed charged by the show I wrote--Jen Quale, our most excellent stage manager told me that it was the one everyone seemed to be talking about.

That's a good thing, but I really like "Sonata For Internet," (Doug Reed's show that I directed) too. It's a weird play, in that it moves so fast that the audience barely has any time to react. It did get a good audience reaction, though, and that makes me happy.

Well, pretty good. I mean, we had some blank stares, but we expected that. But I've noticed that people who see it more than once seem to like it more.

If I had any criticism of the show overall (meaning all the plays), it's that I wish it were faster--but that's a problem that will fix itself during the run.

As for me, I admit that it feels great that my work is done. I can relax, now...

...and do more work on my next show.

Oh, yeah. I'm an addict.


Yet again, I wish that this were the only job I had. I really want to write professionally, and not have to 9 to 5 it just to be able to make ends meet. (Now there's a dependable cliché)

I don't really want to get too much into that, because it's, well, predictable and whiny--and could easily take over this whole blog, if I really got into it.

I will add, however, that Betsy got me a copy of the 2002 Writer's Market for Christmas, which (I only now realise) is one of the most indespensable items you can own as a writer. So now I've got all this energy and and all these tools to go and actively try to Reach For That Dream...but none of the time.

See, last year, I took some time off after I quit my job just to give a serious try at really being a writer. I was very happy with what I wrote, but what I only figured out now is that I really misused all that time.

What I should have invested more time in was shopping myself a bit; try to get stuff sold, published, or whatever--I was working so hard at being a writer that I didn't do enough work to keep myself a writer.

Financially, Betsy and I are only now starting to recover...but it was both of our choice.

But I did fuck it up.

At least I 'm at a point now where I'm not as worried that it was my last chance. The time will come again.

In the meantime, if you don't click here, then the terrorists truly win.

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