'Plaint of the Playwright

'Plaint of the Playwright

[ Monday, October 08, 2001 ]

Just recently, my friend Collin sent me an email to ask how I was doing. Since I'm a lazy, lazy man, I'm just cutting and pasting some news right here in my blog from my reply to him.

I just got tapped to write one of the Mercury Players’ “Love and Computers” thing, so I’m writing a short play for that—and I may direct it. I’m also acting in Brian Wild’s sequel to Tales For a Milennium (onstage in January), so it may conflict.

In other news, the rumors about a revival of "Whatever Happened To Bette And Joan?" are, fact, very very true.

The official skinny on that is that RoundHill Theater Company (which is Steve Van Haren and Casey Grimm) will be producing it, with me directing, and Nathan and Dave reprising their roles.

However, this is going to be “Bette & Joan: THE SPECIAL EDITION,” with rewritten scenes, new material, and things that didn’t work removed.

Also, next year I’m writing a play called “Orange Murder Suit.”

Orange Murder Suit," my sixth play for Broom Street, is a drama with an all-female cast. I'm still writing it, but I can tell you this: it will be affected by current events, at least in spirit. In it's early stages, it was about the violence (physical and emotional) that women do to other women because of men. Now, it's also about the futility of vengence.

Yeah, so, bring the kids.

And the year after that...well, I'll save that news for later, because it's a really cool story.

But if you like trashy horror movies, man, the 2003 show is really gonna be for you.


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